Preethi Builders
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Our Culture

Our foundation lies in our people....
In every brick lies the endeavor of some passionate hearts!

We realize that every individual working with us is as important as the final project that we deliver to the client. Our people are the ones who uphold our values and maintain our integrity. Hence Preethi Builders promotes a learning culture within the organization and takes utmost care to ensure that the inner workforce is given adequate freedom to learn and grow as well as accept challenges. Every individual is given optimum space to share innovative ideas.

On the whole, Preethi Builders aims to unleash the complete potential of every individual through active involvement, so that all endeavors ultimately culminate in bringing a smile to the face of every employee as well as client!

At Preethi Builders, our team is a unique blend of the young and the experienced, who always engage in sharing of ideas and concepts amongst themselves for the betterment of the individual as well as the organization. The top management and the other employees are treated with equal dignity and there is no discrimination on the basis of gender, caste, creed, religion or nationality or even disability.

In its attempt to aid every individual to realize his or her dreams, the organization is committed to:

  • Motivate every individual towards the realization of goals with unswerving focus on the organizational mission and vision.
  • Indulge in talent acquisition and retention with a humane outlook.
  • Promoting excellence through continual learning.
  • Maintain integrity through strict adherence to ethics and values.
  • Promote research and development for continual uplifting.